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Beyond Shutters: Options for Alternate Window Treatments

There are many window covering solutions available for controlling the entry of air and light into your home. While we specialize in interior and exterior window shutters, we also provide alternate window treatments for those who want a different look for their home. Here are a few of the alternate window treatment options we provide.



Shade are a great alternative to window shutters if you prefer to have window coverings that are both functional and lightweight. Roman shades are made of one large piece of fabric that has horizontal folds along the length of the fabric. These folds lay flat when the shade is down, and fold up when the shade is raised.


If you’re looking to go the more energy-efficient route, you can have solar shades installed on your windows. They have a translucent effect—they don’t obscure your view of the outdoors, but they provide sufficient light and heat control. These shades allow you to make use of natural lighting provided by the environment, so that you can decrease your usage of indoor lighting during the day.


An energy-efficient option that offers more insulation is cellular shades. The fabric of these shades consists of honeycomb-shaped cells that trap air, reducing the amount of hot or cool air that enters a room. These shades also protect against UV light.



Blinds are similar to window shutters in that they consist of long, thin panels of a firm material; however, the slats in blinds are held together by cords. Insulated blinds would be a great investment as they trap cold air within their slats, preventing it from moving into the interior of the home.


Wood blinds are durable and insulate well, as they’re made of real wood, and create a distinct look in the home. If you’re on a budget, you can get faux wood blinds instead, which look like real wood but are actually made of PVC, vinyl or composite wood material. Faux wood blinds are resistant to moisture, unlike real wood blinds. Wood or faux wood blinds also complement any wooden furniture in your home.



Also known as sheer shades, this window treatment is a combination of blinds and shades. A sheer shade has two sheer pieces of fabric, one on either side of a set of vanes. This window treatment functions like a solar shade when it is open—the amount of light entering the room is somewhat controlled and your view out the window is not obscured. The added advantage of the sheer shade is that light can be completely blocked out with the vanes when the sheers closed.


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