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The Most Popular Designs for Window Shutters

Window shutters have long been a staple in building design, dependable in their ability to brighten, class-up, and bring more character to a space. Such a variety of designs for window shutters have developed that we are spoiled for choice nowadays.

To get you started, here are some of the most popular styles of window shutters both for interior and exterior use:

Cafe-style shutters: These shutters typically look like louvered shutters, but they only cover the bottom half of the windows, providing the right amount of privacy that cafe patrons want, hence the name. At the same time, they allow lots of sunlight to stream in.

Shaker-style shutters: The trademark of traditional shaker style window shutters is their plain, simple, yet functional design. Their flat and solid panels are intended to block out the bright sunlight as well as other undesirable weather elements.

Raised-panel style shutters: These shutters work well in country-garden style homes. They can be perfectly coordinated with window boxes and can create a dramatic contrast if painted with dark colours against a white window frame.

Louvered shutters: These shutters have remained the popular choice for exterior use in buildings for many years. They consist of overlapping slats of wood which are set into a frame. You can stain them if you want a more rustic look, or paint them with bold colours to contrast to a clean, modern home.

Scandinavian shutters: These window shutters stand out with their board-and-batten design. Bright, coloured cut-outs are added to these shutters, giving them a more traditional, cultural look. Their decorativeness brings colour and personality in snowy regions while being quite effective at keeping out snowstorms and blizzards.

Why not get creative and combine two or more of any of these styles? After all, your dream space is in your own hands. At the Original California Shutters, our installers and sales representatives have the skills to consult on designs and help you install the perfect window shutters.

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