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3 Common Myths About Shutters You Should Be Aware Of

Window shutters have become increasingly popular over the years, not only because it is a great tool to add privacy to your home, but also because of its aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, customization options allow you to make the perfect shutters to complement or enhance the overall theme of your home. The Original California Shutters are makers of custom shutters in Toronto, specializing in combining functionality with unique aesthetic appeal.

With that said, there are some misconceptions about window shutters around, stemming mainly from a lack of understanding about how they are made.

Knowing what these myths are will make it much easier for you to find the perfect custom shutters in Toronto!

All Shutters Are Made the Same

This misconception has resulted in many homeowners opting for products that do not satisfy their needs under the false idea that there is close to no difference between models. We make our custom shutters in Toronto carefully to adhere to all your specifications, meaning no two shutters are the same – they all uniquely represent the different needs of customers. Before opting for more generic shutters, take some time to consider whether they truly provide all the benefits you are looking for.

Wood Shutters Are Prone to Warping

A well-made window shutter should not warp. At The Original California Shutters, we use the best quality wood so that your window shutters remain sturdy and durable. Aesthetic and economic value is of no use to our customers if our products do not last long.

Poly shutters are better than wood shutters

Each type of shutter offers its own set of benefits and drawbacks. It is important for the best interests of your pocket and home that you research the differences between different materials and styles. Our custom shutters in Toronto can be made either from poly or wood, and both can be made suitable for any room and style of a home.  

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