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3 Essential External Shutter Tips

When it comes to outfitting your home with window shutters, you’ll want to find a suitable match that complements the style of your home.


It may seem obvious that certain shutters are meant for specific places in your home, but having some sort of a guideline can aid in making the most of where you end up placing your window shutters.


As you probably already know – there are two broad categories of where shutters are placed in the home. Internal shutters provide flexibility in natural lighting, privacy, and aesthetic intrigue, whereas external shutters add character and boost curb appeal.

Our focus today will be on providing you with 3 tips for selecting the best external shutters for your home.


Placement is Key


When selecting external shutters, it is important to consider that sometimes there simply isn’t enough room, or that the shutter placement doesn’t make sense for certain windows dimensions and styles i.e. your shutters should not stick out beyond the edge of your house. Shutters also might not make sense if your windows are too close together. Essentially, when finding an optimal place for your shutters, it’s useful to note that the size of the windows should determine the size and width of the window shutter.


Selecting Hardware


Shutters should be just as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing – which is why it is essential to choose hardware that makes sense for your shutter application. Too often is it the case that exterior shutters are wrongly attached, as they don’t serve much of a purpose other than boosting curb appeal. Selecting the correct hardware will assist in ensuring the shutter is at least capable of swinging outward.


Quality in Product


Our last piece of advice when selecting a suitable shutter solution, is to select shutters designed and manufactured by a reputable company. The Original California Shutters offers years of experience in the design and manufacture of both internal and external windows shutters for clients in Toronto and across the GTA. If you’re in need of premium quality window shutters that are capable of standing the test of time, be sure to call The Original California Shutters today – we’d be happy to help!


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