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3 Heat Saving Window Warning Signs


If you’re lucky enough to experience all four of the seasons through the year, you know the way in which your home regulates its temperature will vary depending on time of year. All too often do we notice that certain rooms in our homes tend to be draftier or cooler than others in the winter, or warm and stuffy in the summer months.

A common area we look to as homeowners are our windows – are they adequately sealing in the warm and cool air inside our homes? Or do you find there is a significant build-up in moisture that could end up warping your wood shutters in Toronto?


Assessing your windows can offer some insight as to whether or not your home is being properly regulated, saving you money on heating and cooling costs, and will not pose a health risk in the form as mold as time goes on.


Today we’ll discuss 3 heat saving window warning signs.


Drafty Windows


This one seems obvious, but a lot of people don’t see drafty windows as a necessary indicator that anything substantial is wrong. Drafty windows are usually indicative of other issues that will need to be taken care of. Typically, if your home experiences drafty windows, the panes or weather stripping might just need to be replaced. In more severe instances, you might end up having to insulate the interior walls to avoid heat loss.


The Presence of Condensation


If you notice an accumulation of condensation appearing in the panes of your window, or around the window – this is an indication that your home is not properly ventilated, resulting in a higher than normal moisture issue inside the home. If the issue persists, you’ll have to watch out for any mold, mildew or rotting window sills or wood shutters in Toronto. One way to combat this is to run a dehumidifier, bathroom fan, or crack open a window to exchange inside air for the dryer air outside.


Water Leakage


If you find that your window sills and wood shutters in Toronto are damp, or covered in water it’s an indicator that your window isn’t closing tightly enough. You might notice this especially after a rainfall as high winds can blow rain inside if the window seals aren’t tight enough. If you’ve gone ahead and fixed the seal, yet still find water – it means that the leak is not coming from the window, but instead from the roof or siding, which can turn into a larger issue if not carefully monitored and/or dealt with.

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Posted by: Larry | August 12, 2019, 11:50 am
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