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3 simple tips on choosing the right shutters in Toronto

Window shutters are not always appreciated for their design and utility by the average home or property owner. The right shutters in Toronto can add character to any home, it can also be highly functional and if done right, can offer you years of great service.


When it comes to choosing a wonderful set of shutters that compliments the rest of a home, there are three simple steps you can follow that should help you get the most from your shutters.



Shutters are meant to protect windows, which means the materials must be durable and weatherproof. While wooden shutters are highly desirable and look very appealing on windows, they are also among the hardest to maintain and require constant upkeep. However, composite shutters offer the best combination of style and utility. Using the right hardware to install your shutters is also of utmost importance. You will need to make sure they are set in place correctly and permanently.


Location and size

Shutters go on windows but sometimes windows can be too close to each other to justify getting shutters on them. In other cases, small windows may only need a single shutter, it is important to consider where your shutters will be placed without assuming that every window will have shutters on them. The size of your shutters must also match those of your windows according to their placement.


Style and colour

Once you have the right fit, materials and found the appropriate placement for your shutters, it is time to consider your preferred style and colours. Solid or panelled options offer unique features. Solid shutters in Toronto are good at keeping the cold and winds at bay while panels are good for summer and allowing a breeze to come through. Darker colours are good at retaining heat while lighter colours reflect heat and so are better for summer.

The right shutters in Toronto can take your home design to the next level. If you are interested in finding the perfect shutters for your property or home, The Original California Shutters Canada has a wide selection of products and services to cater to all your needs.

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