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4 Basic Types of Window Shutters

Without window shutters, homes have to rely on technological light sources or windows to provide lighting. However, those windows typically have to be shut in order to regulate indoor temperature. It is easy to see why many homeowners desire a different solution that allows them to be more versatile with how they use their windows.


Window shutters are invaluable to homeowners because they boast both aesthetics and functionality, as well as the ability to boost your curb appeal.


Here are some basic types of shutters:



Panelled shutters do not look have slats. Instead, it is a full board that makes the shutters look more like doors or kitchen cabinets. However, these window shutters deliver exceptional lighting tones plus a beautiful traditional residential aesthetic for your home. Panel-type shutters have a low profile that makes them compatible with any property aesthetic, even for modern-style, flat-roofed properties. 


Board and Batten

If you're into old or French country-style shutters that provide top-notch, full-control interior lighting during the daytime, then board and batten shutters are your best choice. These shutters can deliver a luxurious Mediterranean feel that gives your property a Southern European aesthetic. If you want to make some modifications to them, top-quality manufacturers such as The Original California Shutters can do that for you.



These beautiful shutters sit right on the upper side of your window. Manufacturers use greatly-durable materials that introduce a beautiful look for your home and excellent storm protection for your windows. It delivers exceptional lighting control for your property consistently.



If you'd like to give your property a Greek revival look or shutters with a Federal or Colonial property feel, you can't go wrong with louvered shutters. They share a similar look with panelled shutters, but they allow more control over your interior lighting and have a signature profile. 


If you have yet to find a reliable manufacturer of window shutters for your property, you can't go wrong working with The Original California Shutters. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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