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4 Exceptional Benefits of Wood Shutters in Toronto

Wood’s homely look as window shutters can outdo the more traditional aluminum or steel shutters. These materials are attractive, durable, and offer a natural look while being affordable and easy to maintain. Having wood shutters in Toronto is a massive boon because they are energy-efficient, have low maintenance costs, and offer plenty of finishes to choose from.

Here are four great reasons to use wood shutters in Toronto

Low Maintenance

Wood shutters can withstand exposure to harsh weather. Wood is also a naturally resistant material that does not usually absorb water, rot, or deteriorate when exposed to such elements. Wood shutters can be maintained by simply applying a coat of paint or varnish. If you do not need to open and close your shutters often, the paint or varnish will likely last 7-10 years, effectively protecting your window shutters.

UV Protection

Shutters are a great way to add protection to your windows and home. They can offer protection from severe UV rays and heat that can come in through windows blocking about 80% of their intensity. Wood is a natural material that can resist UV rays. It has been observed that untreated wood does not succumb to such damage, even after prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. Thus, it’s a great choice to use for windows.

Environmental Friendly

Wood is one of the most sustainable building materials that can be used for construction because it is a renewable resource that can be replenished over time without causing harm to the environment. It also has relatively low carbon emissions, making it an environmentally friendly material for shutters. Installing wood shutters will help you minimize the need for air conditioning and heating indoors.

Thermal Insulation

Wood shutters are suitable for indoors as they offer unique benefits in controlling sound and thermal insulation. The thermal insulation of wood increases as it gets older. Therefore, as your wood shutters age, the more effective they will get at preserving the room temperature.

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