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4 High-Quality Materials To Use For Your Toronto Shutters

If you're planning to replace your old sets with new Toronto shutters, you'll want it to have the best possible look and longevity. However, you won't just be limited to wood or PVC alone. 

With manufacturing technologies and development progressing smoothly, you can use any of these four high-quality shutter materials for your projects:

Wood For Classic, Earthy Vibes

Traditional-looking homes will want to use Toronto shutters that have the same Earthy and warm tones. Western Hemlock and Red Cedar are prime choices, with Mahogany coming in at third. Wood will always give your property a nice, warm, homey tone with exceptional long-term lifespan and reliability. Additionally, an experienced installation team can handle the material well.

Composite Wood

These materials are natural-looking as wood, but also part highly-durable and synthetic. However, top-notch manufacturers, such as The Original California Shutters, give you many composite wood options. These include light colours for California-style shutters and dark earthy tones for traditional or plantation ones. Composite wood has a better lifespan than wood thanks to its synthetic improvements.

Solid and Capable PVC

Standard PVC remains a formidable material for use with shutters. With a long history of dependability and durability behind PVC, it's unquestionably a candidate for excellent shutter material. Numerous shutter installation teams across Toronto can manufacture the best Toronto shutters for your property with fully customizable sizes and colours.

Lightweight and Stylish Aluminum

Aluminum is lightweight and exceptionally durable. While it is a high material investment, it can last for a decade with effective installation and maintenance. Aluminum shutters are perfect for high salt air environments, such as beachside or riverside properties, because of its high corrosion resistance.

Get The Best Designers and Manufacturers On The Job Too

The Original California Shutters only works with the best suppliers of materials we use on our shutters. Adding to this, you'll be working with an excellent installation team and have the best guarantees on products upon installation. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.


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