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5 Benefits of Wood Shutters in Toronto

Plantation shutters or wood shutters have been a popular choice with a lot of traditional homeowners. However, wood shutters in Toronto have now found a place in condominiums and apartments too. The growing popularity of plantation shutters can’t be ignored and here are five reasons why many property owners have been opting for wooden shutters.

Benefits of Wood Shutters in Toronto


Wood has a timeless texture. The majority of homeowners associate it with a homely and calming vibe. Also, wood shutters in Toronto add to the décor irrespective of your choosing between varnished, painted, or natural wood textures. Whether your home is traditional or modern in appearance, there’s no denying that you can use wood-style shutters to add to your home’s aesthetics.

Noise Reduction

All wood shutters have thick panels which are useful to block the passage of cold air and noise into your property. While you have walls and roofing insulation to help with this task, shutters aid your windows in keeping out unwanted external elements, leaving you with a peaceful home environment.

A Wide Selection

Renowned window shutter manufacturers, such as The Original California Shutters, can provide you with a great selection of exceptional internal and external wooden shutters. Top-notch manufacturers can create customised shutters to fit your windows, leaving no spaces and gaps to let the cold or hot air, sound, and sunlight inside.


Shutters control sunlight flow while simultaneously limiting visibility from the outside. Block-out shutters have an on-off style switch that allows full-strength light and complete sunlight blockage. With wood and plantation shutters, you can have full control over outside visibility, and thus, your privacy.


The majority of wood shutter manufacturers use recycled raw materials to create their natural plantation shutters. When your wooden shutter set ages with time, you can depend on recycling plants to recycle it to be reused as raw material for new shutters. Whether you choose to get new wooden shutters or are looking to replace your current ones, either way, you’d still be making an environmentally conscious decision.

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