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5 Critical Signs It's Time to Replace Your Shutters

Having privacy and accurate light controls are two great features that homeowners are able to take advantage of thanks to window shutters. However, no window shutter sets will last forever, even if the manufacturer used the best materials and manufacturing practices possible.


Here are five signs it's time for you to replace your home shutters soon:


Aging and Chipping

Chipping window shutters is a sure sign of age. They are most common in older homes using wood shutters. Nowadays, modern window shutter technology makes it possible to imitate the texture and style of wood while preserving longevity. However, despite the best materials and manufacturing practices, they will still wear and tear over time.


Problematic Functionality

Plantation window shutters use a simple mechanism to regulate the flow of sunlight into your property. On the other hand, motorised shutters use small electric motors to automate their functionality. Over time, both will suffer from malfunction, especially if they never had regularly-scheduled maintenance.


Outdated Style

Interior design and window aesthetics change every 5-10 years. If you're keeping up with the best styles available in the market, you'll want to update your windows with contemporary shutters. Any homeowner unsure of style can always consult with reliable shutter manufacturers.


Room Renovation

Like outdated shutters, you'll want to replace your outdated window shutters after a room's renovation. Likely, your room's new aesthetic will not fit with your old window shutter's aesthetic. Allot a spot in your budget to have a new set of shutters during a renovation.


When You're Not 'Feeling' It Anymore

Any time you don't "feel" the aesthetic or vibe of your shutters, you can always replace them. If you feel that it's outdated or failing in its functionality, you won't need to limit yourself. Consult with a trustworthy shutter manufacturer, such as The Original California Shutters, to help you find the best choice.


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