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A Comparison Between The Best Frame Styles For Your Window Shutters

Regardless of the type of window shutters you choose for your home, it’s important to select a frame that can help mount them efficiently. A good frame will keep the panels strongly supported and perfectly aligned with your windows. Given the different styles and sizes of the frames available out there, selecting the right one for your windows can get a bit tricky.

To remedy that, here are two optimal frame styles for your window shutters.

The L-Frame

Among the various frame styles, the L-frame is perhaps the most simple and efficient one, fitting most window shutters. As indicated by its shape, it is a square frame that can be mounted inside the recess of the window opening. It can be installed by either pushing it towards the windowpane or pushing it against the edge of the wall. They work perfectly with windows that come with ample depth or with windows that have an already existing trim. In the end, installing quality window shutters such as those designed by California Shutters can be quick and easy with L-frames. 

The Z-Frame

Just like the L-Frame style, the Z-Frame too can be mounted inside the recess of the window opening. However, the major difference is that it creates an attractive, overlapping trim or a lip surrounding the wood shutters of your window. An added benefit of Z-frames is their ability to hide any imperfections or unsightly gaps between window openings. Hence, it serves the purpose of providing good window support as well as aesthetic beauty. 

Thus, depending on the specific condition of your windows, you could choose between either of the frame styles. Our experts at California Shutters can further help you decide by addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Specializing in door and window shutters since 1981, we are known for our unique designs, excellent craftsmanship, and manufacturing of custom shutters in the Toronto region. Contact us today or browse through our catalogue to learn more.

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