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Beautiful Window Shutters in Toronto

Living in Toronto during winter, as we all know, can bring excessive low temperatures and winds, while during the summer the heat and high UV rays can affect anything – especially your home. At California Shutters, we know the solution is indoor and outdoor window shutters. We have an excellent facility with hundreds of options and a well-equipped team to provide you selection, quality and expertise.


What makes ours the best Window Shutters in Toronto? Here are 4 reasons to trust California Shutters!


Here at The Original California Shutters in Toronto, we know the freezing winter and in the blazing summer can really show on your home. With this in mind, we have meticulously chosen the best materials and developed a superior product finishing approach. Here are a just a few notable benefits of choosing California Shutters in Toronto.

1.Design Services- We offer free in-home design that helps you with the selection process, allowing you to consult for the best available options with price estimations.

2.Competitive Pricing- By offering a no middle man approach, customers directly consult with us and work with us. Banking on our well-established business, we can offer you competitive costs.

3.Raw Materials- We use premium Kiln-dried Pine and Select hardwoods that offer long lasting durability, together with our proven paint choices and stains.

4.Professionalism- Our staff and installation team have years of experience so you can be sure of a timely and precise installation on your home’s windows.


Other benefits in using our Window Shutters in Toronto

We are able to offer a wide array of unique styles to choose from. With the finest quality available in shutters, we are able to help you accentuate any design you can imagine and provide a timeless yet very elegant result.

Come and visit California Shutters in Toronto today to learn more about indoor and outdoor window shutters!

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