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Best Window Shutters For Your Seasonal Home

If you own a seasonal home in the, you have the great opportunity of having a beautiful place to escape to during the prime months of the year. To get the most of your seasonal home, it should look and feel comfortable in order to give you that escape you need. This means equipping it with the right elements and features and although most homeowners don’t give much attention to them, the windows are the most vital elements that can make your seasonal home more comfortable. One of the best ways to achieve this is by upgrading your home with interior window shutters.


Here are some of the most popular options you can consider for your home:


Plantation Shutters: these classic shutters are the go-to option for homes located in warm or hot regions. They are often chosen for their high versatility and sleek appearance and are usually installed on the inside of the windows. They are made of multiple large, flat slats placed next to each other and are movable, allowing you to let in or block all the light.


Solid Panel Shutters: these shutters are a perfect choice for houses or rooms that receive a ton of light that needs to be blocked. They are a great option for private areas like bedrooms and bathrooms. Just like plantation shutters, they also provide a classy look to your windows while providing exceptional light and air control. 


Louvered Shutters: while this type of shutter works similar to solid panel shutters, they are made from little slats instead of one piece of wood which provides more light and airflow. They work best in areas like the living room and kitchen, where you can control the amount of air and light entering your room through the slats.


Tier on Tier Shutters: unlike the other window shutters mentioned above, this type comes in two sets, one for the bottom of your windows and the other one for the top. It is, therefore, the best option if you wanted to have full control over light and airflow without compromising the privacy you need.


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