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Brighten Up a Living Space with Window Shutters in Toronto

Adding window shutters to any room in your home is an effective way of brightening up the space. When selecting shutters for this purpose, it is important to consider the shutter style and colour, as well as the slat size. One benefit of this type of window treatment is that each design offers flexibility in both privacy and the blockage or entry of light. Window shutters in Toronto are available at The Original California Shutters, and our team is dedicated to meeting your needs with our customizable products and well-rounded services.

Read below for a breakdown of different factors that influence how much light enters a room:

Shutter style and colour

Shutters in the café style category cover the lower portion of windows only, allowing privacy and maximum light entry at the same time. Full height shutters are a popular style that lets all or a section of the slats be opened. The slats can be rotated 90 degrees into an open position, permitting the most sunlight, or angled up and down for more privacy. Shutters with a tier on tier style are split at a certain divide point, making it possible to open the upper panels separately from the lower panels for instance. Lastly, light or bright colours, like a natural stain option, can noticeably brighten a room.

Slat size

Many sizes are attainable for the slats of our window shutters in Toronto, but any choice will provide lots of sunlight when the slats are in an open position. If the selected size of this feature is larger, they will be spaced farther apart, resulting in fewer slats and less solid material to impact light entry.

Browse our website and contact us today for more information about our window shutters in Toronto, and how The Original California Shutters can help brighten or update your living space.

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