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Choosing Colours for Your Window Shutters

Whether used for decorative purposes or functionality, window shutters make for popular additions to our homes. Window shutters can also be customized to suit our preferences and enhance the aesthetic appeal of our houses without spending large amounts of money for renovations.


When you’re in need of window shutters for your home, we at the Original California Shutters can help you out!


Decorative or fixed shutters are often placed on the exterior of the house. These can be painted in a variety of colours to suit your home’s style. Picking the right colour for your window shutters can significantly improve the appearance of your home, while getting the wrong one might create an eyesore for you and your neighbours.


Classic black and white window shutters work well for homes with traditional designs. Homes that feature a more modern design tend to be more flexible when it comes to colours. Most contemporary houses can look good with both classic and bold coloured window shutters. Just make sure that the colour of your shutters complement the colours of your walls.


Take the shade of your window trim into consideration when choosing colours for your window shutters. It’s a common practice to paint the shutters with the same shade as the window trim, but using other complementing colours can also work pretty well! Choosing the best colour for your decorative window shutters will depend on the style and colour of your house's exterior walls and window trim.


The most important part when choosing colours is to go with a balance of what you want and what is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. If you cannot decide on a shade, you can always ask for an expert's help. We at the Original California Shutters Canada can help you pick out the window shutters that best fit your home.

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