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Choosing From Stylish Window Shutter Designs

The broad range of highly functional and beautiful window shutters available today makes it quite challenging to select one style for your home. But with some research and consideration, you will be sure to get the best shutter that will look absolutely perfect on your windows. To get you started, you should consult with professional window shutter installers, who will be able to provide you with a proper breakdown of functionality, sizing and designs, and colour and finishing options.


Here are the most popular and stylish designs of window shutters both for interior and exterior applications.



This style works great for interior applications. The trademark of traditional shaker-style window shutters is their simple but very functional design. The shutter’s flat and solid panels are designed to block out bright sunlight as well as other harsh weather elements.


Raised-panel style

This design is often used for exterior shutters. They work blend well with the country garden style home. When paired or coordinated with window boxes, they create a dramatic contrast, especially if painted with dark colour against a white window frame.


Louvered shutters

These window shutters remain the most popular option for exterior installations in most architectural buildings. They have overlapping slats of wood that are set into frames. They can also be stained if you prefer a more natural look. Alternatively, you can paint them any colour to suit any style of home.


Scandinavian shutters

These window shutters are a great option for exterior use. They stand out through their board-and-batten design that is joined solidly, complete with brightly coloured cut-outs. Their colourful, decorative effects are perfect for snowy regions, as they are also able to keep out the effects of snowstorms and blizzards.



A cafe-style shutter is very popular for interior applications. These window shutters usually resemble the look of louvered shutters but they only cover the bottom half of the windows, giving the right amount of privacy that you need.  


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