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Choosing the Right Type of Wood for Your Shutters

Nowadays, homeowners are scrambling to book installations for wood shutters in Toronto thanks to their rising popularity. These window fixtures have made a grand comeback, helping many homes today obtain that rustic, cottage look while maintaining their modernity.


Wood shutters, in particular, are popular thanks to their traditional good looks and the added touch of class they bring to any home.


Different wood types come at different prices and feature different benefits and disadvantages. Not only that, different types of wood also have distinct aesthetics and are incredibly easy to customize and repaint.

Check out our breakdown of different wood types to help you in choosing the right material for your wood shutters in Toronto:


Arguably the most popular wood type, cedar is one of the sturdiest woods, making it less likely to warp and twist with the years. In addition, cedar contains a natural oil called cypressne, which has the capability to repel moisture and withstand decay. It is also one of the more affordable wood materials.


Redwood shutters are famed for the sophisticated beauty. Similar to cedar, it is resistant to moisture and decay, and is considered more stable than other types of wood. Thanks to its natural beauty, redwood shutters do not always have to be painted, though they must absolutely be sealed.


Cypress is a structurally stable wood that is easy to machine. It can adapt to the different configurations that is needed to undergo, including sawing, gluing, and sanding. Like cedar, it also produces a naturally-occurring protective oil. Its lighter shade gives it an airier and more minimalistic feel.


This type of wood is probably the most traditional looking, invoking a more classic and old school feel. Its aesthetic is perfect for villas and bungalows, intensifying the air of formality and luxury. The luscious natural colour of this wood will change as it ages, giving your shutters a more natural and dynamic look.

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