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Differentiating Window Shutters from Blinds

Window treatments make all the difference when it comes to the comfort and aesthetics of a room. Apart from blocking the sunlight and giving you privacy, both window shutters and blinds are capable of adding style and sophistication to your home.


So, if you’re looking for new window coverings, consider first the difference between these two types of treatments.


What Are Window Shutters?

The most common notion about window shutters is that they serve purely aesthetic functions. It is good to remember that there are both interior and exterior shutters, and that they also provide great functional value. They can help you monitor temperature and sunlight, managing the comfort level of your room and further enforcing your windows to withstand the elements of the weather. Effective shutters, when working correctly, can do a great deal of work boosting the comfort of your home as well as the curb appeal of your home.


What Are Window Blinds?

While both shutters and blinds can offer you an opportunity to control the amount of light and airflow coming into your house, blinds are different from shutters in that they are not as durable but can also be very decorative. They come in various styles from mini blinds to rollers and vertical blinds. They are a bit easier to install because they almost always come ready to attach. However, compared to shutters, they don’t last that much longer as they are mostly made from lighter materials.


So, Shutters or Blinds?

Shutters work for every room in your house while blinds are great for highly-trafficked areas such as living rooms or kitchens. If you prefer to have full privacy in the bedrooms, then full shades are the best. However, the final decision still rests upon you and which you think suits your privacy and light or air control. There are really no hard rules, just trust your gut as to which option will work best for your interior design.

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