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Do Window Shutters Provide Good Insulation?

In living spaces, rooms with windows that receive a high amount of direct sunlight throughout the day can face elevated temperatures. This still might occur with the air conditioner running, which would lead to difficulties getting comfortable in the room. During the colder months, without window shutters, one will be able to feel the effects from outside as well. In order to maintain a desired room temperature, shutters are among the best options, as they provide an insulative barrier between the windows and the area’s interior.

The Original California Shutters offers window shutters in interior and exterior styles, as well as alternate window treatments, all being designed to meet your needs.

Is insulation affected by the style of window shutters?

For the highest protection from outdoor temperatures, shutters that are full height or full solid raised are effective at achieving this. Café style will leave the upper portion of a window uncovered. Therefore, if temperature control is important, full-height allows for the complete covering of windows and creates the greatest insulation value when slats are in a closed position.

Shutters with a tier-on-tier style cover the full span of the window as well. However, these are usually designed for the purpose of letting the top tier be kept open. They are well-suited for insulation when all of the panels are closed, but a slight gap is present between each tier, preventing them from granting the exact same insulation that a full-height shutter can offer.

Much like a cabinet door, full solid raised panels are composed of solid wood, and they do not feature moving slats. This permits full coverage of the window at any time, and the strongest reduction barrier in terms of temperature, light, or noise seeping in from outside.

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