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Dressing your Windows with the Perfect Exterior Custom Shutters

Aside from their functionality, window shutters blend well with most home styles. Furthermore, they can be customized to fit odd-shaped windows, and thus are a viable option for any home.


Today, we’ll share with you factors you need to consider in choosing the right design for your window shutters.



Custom shutters allow you to choose any color you can think of. However, you want to consider first the appearance of your home from the outside. Consider the color, material, and home style. From there, you can select a color that will either complement or create a contrast to your home’s exterior. As an example, lighter shutters go well with a dark-colored exterior and vice versa. If you want shutters that will complement an industrial exterior, then choose neutral-colored shutters. 



Wood is the most used material for shutters. Thanks to its natural look, wood shutters adapt well to any kind of color and home style and are easy to customize.  However, not all types of wood are created equal. Due to its affordability and natural ability to combat moisture, cedar is the most popular wood type for exterior shutters. Redwood and cypress are good high-end options. Redwood is stable and looks best with no painting due to its natural appearance. Cypress is harder than cedar and resistant to warping like redwood.



The basic exterior window shutters are louver, raised panel, Bermuda, and board and batten (BnB).  It is important to consider the shutter style since each type has its unique function and appearance.


Window shapes

If your windows are not rectangular, custom window shutters are the best way to dress your windows.  Since they are measured to the exact dimensions of your windows, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of window shutters while amplifying the aesthetic of your home.


High-Quality Custom Shutters in Toronto

You are now a few steps closer to your dream window shutters. Call The Original California Shutters now and we’ll do the rest for you.  We offer custom shutters according to your requirements.


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