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Factors to Consider When Selecting Custom Shutters in Toronto

Custom shutters in Toronto are a wonderful way to make your home more aesthetically intriguing. The ability for shutters to enhance the natural beauty of your home’s architecture can really boost your home’s curb appeal. Customizable shutter options allow you to choose the perfect design and colour meant to complement your home’s windows. From contemporary to classic styles – finding the right custom solution is the go-to option for finding the right shutters to outfit your home.


Today we’ll talk about what factors to consider when opting for custom shutters in Toronto for your home:


Interior vs. Exterior


When it comes to selecting custom shutters the options are simple: interior or exterior. Interior shutters offer many benefits including control of sunlight that enters your interiors, control of privacy, and increased energy efficiency. Exterior shutters are great for accentuating the beauty and architecture of your home.


Window Shutter Size


Selecting the right window shutter size will largely depend on the size of the windows they are meant to cover. Ensure your measurements are exact to ensure seamless installation.


Interior Shutter Slats


There are two general types of shutter slats for interior shutters: middle-front tilt bar or side tilt-bars. Middle-front tilt bards are a favourable choice among the two – however side tilt-bars allow for an unobstructed view of the outside.


Bright or Neutral Colours


Selecting the right colour for your interior or exterior shutters will depend on the current colouring of your home and neighbourhood. If neighbours have opted for colourful or non-conventional coloured exterior shutters, it would be right to assume you would be able to do the same if it makes sense for your home to do so. For interior shutters – opting for a neutral shutter colour will allow the shutters to blend in naturally with the space in which it resides. Either way – a definitive answer will depend on your careful assessment of your home’s colour scheme.


The Original California Shutters is a Reputable Manufacturer for Custom Shutters in Toronto


One of the most important factors to consider when selecting window shutters is ensuring you are purchasing from a reputable window shutter manufacturer and/or supplier.

Luckily The Original California Shutters offers years of experience in the designing, manufacturing and supplying of custom window shutters in Toronto. Our products are well-crafted and made with your unique needs and distinct tastes in mind. We are fully capable of guiding you through the custom-shutter process to come up with a solution that makes sense for your home. Call the Original California Shutters today to learn more about our products and our custom window shutter solutions.

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