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How to Clean Window Shutters: 3 Easy Steps

Window shutters are popular with homeowners not only because of their aesthetic beauty and multi-functionality, but also because they are quite easy to clean. One of the key cleaning essentials of window shutters is dusting – if you dust your shutters regularly, there is nothing to worry about.

While you will find dusting your shutters to be convenient and effective, there are additional steps you can take if you want your window shutters to have that extra gleam.

Here is a step by step guide on the best way to clean your window shutters:

1. The Many Ways to Dust Your Shutters

We recommend using a feather or microfiber duster for your cleaning purposes. Remember not only to dust the tops of the slats but also the bottom. If you don’t have a duster, or if you feel your duster is too big for the gaps between the slats, you can always wrap a clean, dry cloth or sock around a ruler. In addition, you can even use a handheld vacuum. If your shutters are accumulating a lot of dust and grime in nooks and crannies that are normally unreachable, use a paintbrush! All these methods should take about the same short time.

2. Make Your Own Cleaning Solution

White vinegar is a great cleaning solution that is non-toxic, non-chemical, and non-scented – making it kid, pet, and allergy friendly. You can make your own cleaning solution by mixing distilled white vinegar with water. If you want the solution to be more aromatic, you can add your choice of essential oils.

3. Wipe Down Your Shutters with A Damp Cloth

It is recommended that you soak a cloth or sock with your solution and wipe down your slats directly instead of putting the solution in a spray bottle, as the latter may result in an excess of liquid, which is damaging to wooden shutters in the long run. You should only apply liquid cleaners to your window shutters if they have accumulated a lot of grime. Remember to lay an old sheet or newspaper underneath your cleaning area so that excess dirt, liquid, and dust falls into the newspaper instead of on your floor.

As you can tell, window shutters are easy to clean, in addition to beautifying your home and helping you save energy. We hope our tips have helped you clean your shutter more efficiently!  

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