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Important Considerations for Window Shutters in a Kid’s Room

If you are debating options for the windows in your child’s bedroom, then you have come to the right place. Window shutters in Toronto are proven to offer the same benefits this treatment gives to other parts of a home. They are capable of providing safe, stylish, and durable treatment for the windows in your children’s bedrooms. In fact, they are perfect for a functional and colourful window dressing that your kids will love. However, there are some important factors to think about in order to select the best version.


For children’s bedrooms and more, The Original California Shutters is the ideal choice for window shutters in Toronto, and we prioritize delivering on exactly what you need.



With this consideration, you have two main options: vinyl or wooden shutters. Either way, you will never go wrong as long as the materials are of high quality that can grant you a very durable window treatment. To compare, vinyl is easier to maintain and is tougher in terms of resisting scratches. Wood shutters are very durable and can be painted for a change in look.


If you are like other parents who intend to keep the child’s room dark until it is time to wake up, then the best option is full height shutters. This style provides the highest level of privacy for your kids to sleep peacefully. You may also opt to add another control for operating the lower and upper slats separately. With this operation, you can keep the lower portion closed and the upper part open for air and sunlight.


Of course, this area is very important, especially if your kids are fans of a certain colour. Since our window shutters in Toronto are customizable, you can decide to have them painted with the favourite colour of your child. You can go for natural and neutral shades or opt for bolder colours like purple, red, or pink.

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