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Keeping The Heat Outside Your Home

For many homeowners, keeping the hot summer heat outside means getting their air conditioning into hard work -- though this should not always be the case really. There are a few options for ways you can help keep the heat outside your house and cool down it during the hot days without putting much pressure on your air conditioner system and ultimately your pockets. 

Install window treatments

Most of the heat enters through your window so using wood shutters in your Toronto home is one of the ways that can help reduce your monthly electricity bills. While there are other window coverings available, wooden window shutters are specially made to be stylish and highly functional in preventing heat loss during the cold winter season while keeping in cold air inside during the hot summer days. They can significantly block the heat during the day if closed and can let cool air at night if opened. 

 Rotate your ceiling fan counter-clockwise

Apart from installing wood shutters in Toronto, another way that you can help reduce heat inside your house is to let your ceiling fans run counter-clockwise. This is because the blades would bring hot air up toward your ceiling and push the cooler air down. You can reverse the rotation of your ceiling fan through a small switch that you see on the fan itself.

Improvise a cooling device

Along with the installation of wood shutters in your Toronto home and spinning your ceiling fan in the reverse direction, you can also use ice to further cool down your room. You don’t have to spend on evaporating cooling or put too much work on your air conditioners. With just some big ice cubes placed in front of your fan, it can significantly help cool the air down inside your room. While the air it creates is not as cold as what your air conditioner produces, it can still help your electric fan blow cold air that is enough to counter the hot summer air outside your house helping leaving you feeling much cooler. 


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