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Maintaining Your Window Shutters the Right Way

Window shutters not only control the entry of light and air into your house, they also affect your curb appeal. Considering the time and money spent on installing and designing your window shutters, you will want to make sure you maintain properly so that they last a long time.


With that said, window shutters can be easily maintained as long as you use the right cleaning equipment and techniques. In today’s blog, we go over some helpful tips on how to keep your window shutters in shape for the years to come.


Use a dry and non-abrasive cloth or duster

For louvered and Bermuda shutters, lightly dust the slats using a dry microfiber cloth to eliminate dust and dirt. Work on the slats starting from the topmost slat down to the bottommost one. You can also use a microfiber dusting wand to reach and dust the top part of the shutter. The reason you want to use a dry cloth is that excessive moisture can cause discoloration, leave stains, and potentially contribute to wood warping.


Use a paintbrush to remove stubborn dirt

For deep cleaning, you can use a paintbrush dipped into hot soapy water to clean stubborn stains. A paintbrush is much more precise and allows you to apply more pressure on a problematic spot. After using the paintbrush, wipe it on a dry cloth before dipping it into the soapy solution again in order to remove excess dirt. Lastly, don’t forget to wipe the shutters dry. 


Don’t be afraid to use your vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are a quicker and effective solution is you just want to give your window shutters a fast do-over. You should use the soft brush attachment for your vacuum cleaner so that you can clean hard-to-reach spots too.


Do not use aggressive cleaning tools and agents

Do not use all-purpose cleaners and polishers as these will damage your window shutters. Harsh chemicals found in these types of cleaners can cause discoloration. Polishers can scratch the surface and in so doing may remove the sealing and expose the shutters to moisture.


Consistency is key

Cleaning your window shutters should be done on a regular basis, preferably weekly. Do not wait for the dirt and dust to build up, as this will cause you to use harsher cleaning solutions which will damage your window shutters in the long run. Working with well-maintained shutters is much quicker and easier.

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