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Make a Memorable First Impression with California Shutters in Toronto


Window shutters are something that one probably doesn’t think of when visualizing a residential property. However, noticing window shutters on the outside of windows on a home usually enhances the overall curb appeal of a house. Proving that although subtle, window shutters draw aesthetic interest by first impression. Today we’ll talk about the two types of shutters typically used on residential properties: interior and exterior shutters.


Interior Shutters


Interior shutters are as the name suggests, located inside the building or home. Interior shutters are divided into small units in a hinged accordion position, so that when closed – the two units cover the total window area. This operable louvered shutter design also offers slats which are usually controlled by moving a rod or bar. The slats can be adjusted to control visibility from the outside, airflow, and light that enters the room. Interior shutters with movable slats are known by a number of names such as traditional shutters, plantation shutters, and California shutters in Toronto.


Exterior Shutters


In contrast, exterior shutters are located on the outside windows of a building and home. The utility of exterior shutters is primarily aesthetic. However, outside window shutters can offer functional utility if needed. Like interior shutters, functional utilities of exterior shutters include controlling the visibility, airflow, and light that enters a room. Unlike interior shutters, exterior shutters must also be durable enough to endue seasonal wear and tear such as extreme temperatures, snow, rain, and sleet.


Finding the Best Interior and Exterior Shutters in Toronto


California Shutters in Toronto is highly experienced in the manufacturing of both interior and exterior window shutters in Toronto and across the GTA. Offering multiple options and customizable design, California Shutters in Toronto is capable of accommodating budget while still ensuring you maximize your home’s potential for curb appeal through high-quality window shutters.


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