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New Trends for Window Shutter Designs

If you are looking for window shutters for your home, you may be looking for a guide on the latest trends for designs. In today’s blog, we want to share a number of design styles for you to consider.


There are many reasons why a homeowner might be looking to install window shutters. They may want more control over their ability to let in wind or light, or they may simply want a better aesthetic for their home.


With that in mind, here are some design styles to consider:


1. Full height window shutters

If you have tall windows that span the entire height of your wall, you may want to consider full height window shutters as well. They add incredible aesthetic value, especially if your home has a more European or Mediterranean look as well.


2. Half height

Your windows do not have to be completely covered by your window shutters. The shutters can be placed over only half of your windows, which is a particularly good look for sash windows. This way you can also make the best of both worlds by having more control over your privacy while still enjoying your view.


3. Shaped windows

Do not be afraid to get creative about the shape of your windows! Many homeowners have limited their creativity in this regard because they feared their window shutters will not be able to accommodate unique shapes. At custom window shutter manufacturers like the Original California Shutters, we are able to tailor-make our window shutter shapes to whatever window style you have.


4. Remote control shutters

If convenience is a big factor for you, consider outfitting your window shutters with remote control capabilities. You can control or adjust your louvres or the opening from your sofa or kitchen. Make sure to discuss this option with your window shutter manufacturer to make sure all the parts needed are in place.


For all your window shutter needs, make sure to contact the Original California Shutters!

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