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Opening Shutter-Mounted Windows

You might be asking yourself the following question: can you open a shutter-mounted window in a Toronto home? The quickest answer: yes, if a professional team with shutter installation experience has installed it. The convenience of opening shutter-mounted windows depends on the shutter mounting location and the window's own mechanisms.

For window shutters in Toronto, The Original California Shutters is the perfect place for high-quality work and advice backed by experience. 

It's All About Space and Design Considerations

Top-notch shutter manufacturing and installation companies have studied and created their products around widely-existing and used window designs. Therefore, they allocate enough space, measure correct distances, and create unique shutter mechanisms and designs to suit virtually every possible window option.

Inward Opening Windows: Outside Mounts

If your window opens inward, outside mounts give it the mechanical space to operate effectively. The shutter frame will not interfere with the window's inward tilt or opening. On the other hand, if homeowners are willing to use inside mounts for aesthetic purposes, they will have to lock the window in place. Doing this will permanently close the window until homeowners decide to remove the shutters.

Outward Opening Windows: Inside and Outside Mounts

Windows that use cranks for example can benefit from both inside and outside mounts. These windows can use inside shutter mounts as long as the manufacturing and installation team gives their opening mechanics enough space to operate. On the other hand, regular outside mount designs will not interfere with the window's outward opening pathway.

Mechanical Considerations

Custom window shutters in Toronto are the best option for any window because they consider all mechanical movement during the frame's design. In addition to properly fitting any window, custom shutters offer the best value-for-money result for your project.

Get The Best Custom Shutters!

The Original California Shutters has consistently manufactured and installed window shutters in Toronto for homeowners that seek excellent and long-lasting results. Contact us today to learn more about everything we offer!

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