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Windows are an important aspect of a home’s construction. Windows offer an openness and brightness to a space, serving to enhance the interior and exterior design of a home. However, most people probably would never consider the historical underpinnings of the modern-day window, or California Shutters in Toronto. Despite maybe not seeming to be the most interesting of topics, the origins of the modern-day window shutter are actually more interesting than initially considered (if considered at all). Rather, the development of today’s window shutter is largely a reflection of the changes in hundreds of years of human development and construction. From Ancient Greece, to the Tudor Era, to the plantations of the American South, the history of the window shutter is rich and are indicative of the grander shifts of people, places, and climates of the past.

Purchasing your home could be the biggest financial investment you make in your life. After saving up many years for a down payment – one of the best feelings in the world is finally getting your keys to your first home. However, homeownership shouldn’t end here – it is just as important to add value to your property once you’ve moved in. One great way to accomplish this is through installing high-quality window shutters.


Many realtors point to high-quality shutters as one of the many incentivizing selling features to purchasing a property. Shutters extend a true sense of homeliness, offering both style and functionality to the exterior of your home.

Home décor ranges in a seemingly infinite range of styles. Our wood shutters in Toronto can be made up of different woods and fashioned into a style that will suit your home. This blog post details the endless amount of customization options that you can choose for your window treatments.

Window shutters not only offer an upscale and elegant look for your home, but they offer a highly cost-effective option among a number of other benefits. This blog post delves into the advantages of using shutters for your home, as well as how shutters are a cost-effective window treatment for your home.

At The Original California Shutters, we are dedicated to delivering the best handcrafted window shutters to our distinguished clientele in Toronto and across the GTA. Our shutters are made in house, so we guarantee high-quality products. This blog post details three major trends involving window treatments and wood shutters in Toronto.