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Window shutter is a solid and stable cover that has a vertical component of a panel and horizontal bars used for support, and are in separate sections. Window shutters have various functions. These include boosting of security, insulation against cold, deflecting direct sunlight, beautify a room among others. Window shutters can be interior or exterior.


California shutters Canada is Canada’s oldest, finest and most trusted shutter manufacturer. Its service spans a mixture of experience, excellent family orientation, and passion towards the craft. Quality is our topmost concern because we don’t want to risk our 33 years of good reputation. 

With the seasonal solar illumination changes, shutters for use within Toronto need to be of have a high quality to endure and survive the harsh and extreme climate in Canada. It should be made up of hard wood preferably kiln-dried pine to ensure durability. One of the finest manufacturing companies in Canada is The Original California Shutters, a company with excellent track record in manufacturing shutters in Toronto. 

The extreme weather conditions in Canada determine the kind of shutters necessary for the houses there. The weather is normally on both extremes, either too hot or extremely cold. Both the conditions are can be a health hazard if anyone is exposed to them. Therefore quality door and window shutters are necessary to ensure that the residents are protected from such conditions. The shutters should be very attractive to give the owner the comfort of the house.


With the challenging weather conditions in Toronto and Canada at large, companies have been working hard to get the best shutters that can protect the residents from the extreme conditions and at the same time make the house more attractive. California Shutters Canada is a company that has satisfied customers looking for window shutters in Toronto with their high quality products and workmanship.