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When you need wood shutters for your Toronto home, trust us at the Original California Shutters. This blog post details what makes our shutters so special, and why you should work with us to get beautiful window shutters for your home.

Window shutters are a simple and cost-effective way to reduce your energy bills. Offering a great way to reduce heat losses in the winter and needless heating during the summer, window shutters are proven to keeping your home at a constant temperature. Read more about how you can use window shutters to save on your hydro and heating bills.

Whereas window shutters are understood to bear a mix of utility and aesthetic value, they are rarely understood as protection for the house. However, in areas which face inclement weather regularly, window shutters are vital protection from flying debris and hail; and keep the property and its occupants safe. We look at some lesser known window shutter styles that are relied on in regions which face hurricanes, driving rain and high winds.

Once you’ve gotten used to them, you don’t often notice the windows in your home. When the time comes to consider an upgrade comes, however, you’ll find a lot of options which can make a stylish statement and add value to your home.

Window shutters have been around for centuries. Yet, the aesthetic and overall design of window shutters have evolved. The design and innovation in window shutters add so much aesthetic appeal to one's home. This blog post details things to consider when choosing wood shutters for your Toronto home.