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One excellent way to add value to a house is by giving it a makeover and new look with exterior window shutters in the GTA. Aside from the protecting the windows and insulating the house from harsh weather conditions in summer or winter, shutters also provide aesthetics beauty, making your house more attractive and valuable.

When looking for custom shutters for your Toronto home, look no further than California Shutters! We are fully capable of providing you with a custom window shutter design suited to your needs. This blog post details things to consider when choosing custom window shutters for your home.

Wood shutters in Toronto are a great way of bringing a bit of bespoke into your home. California shutters should be cleaned regularly to keep that shine and protect the finish. We discuss some simple, but effective, cleaning methods. And why it is best if put down that bottle of chemical cleaning agent and use a dry or damp cloth instead.

Custom shutters in Toronto come in all shapes, sizes, finishes and with a plethora of accessories. They are a great and cost-effective way of expressing your creativity and giving your home that bespoke, luxurious feel. California Shutters looks at some important design considerations before you embark on finalizing your creation.

California Shutters customized window shutters are the perfect accent to your home. Versatile, durable and, above all, beautiful, they we can help you find just the right treatment for your home.