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The Benefits of Custom Shutters V.S. Pre-Made Shutters

Nowadays, many homeowners are seeking out custom shutters in Toronto. As one of the few full-service shutter companies in Toronto, we at the Original California Shutters have made it our mission to cultivate expertise in design, measurements, placement, installation, and service.


Some homeowners may be tempted to settle for pre-made shutters that can be acquired off the shelf. The problem is that those products do not always fit your specifications, and homeowners who resort to installing their shutters themselves may end up botching the process, necessitating repairs and cleanup.


As the premier manufacturers of custom shutters in Toronto, we make sure our process involves you from the very beginning.


We will start with an in-home consultation so that we truly understand the aesthetic and structure of your home and so that your input will set the direction for our process. Indeed, as a full-service provider, we will be there to help you install your shutters as well. This means you do not need to worry about following any manuals or complex installation instructions, as we have our professionals take care of everything.


Customer support is our forte. Buying shutters off the shelf does not give you that opportunity to talk with an expert at every step of the process. Even if you notice issues with your shutters down the line, we will have professional teams that can help you diagnose and fix those problems.


We can cut and fit your shutters to any custom design that you need. Most store-bought window shutters come in standard sizing and shapes. We can help you design unique creations so that the window shutters in your home stand out.


Considering that our custom shutters in Toronto are not mass produced, we are also an eco-friendlier option. Despite all these benefits, we still make sure to keep our prices competitive and fair, as well as provide lifetime limited warranties.


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