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The Different Types of Shutter Materials

Shutters have been a convenient addition to homes for many years, with the purpose of providing homeowners with protection from harsh and damaging external elements and pests. But today, more and more window shutters are being designed for decorative purposes, and are now available in a wide variety of materials, colours, and styles. Here are the different materials used for shutters:


Wooden Shutters

Wood shutters are the most common type of shutters that come in a broad range of patterns. They can help you attain the appearance you want for your home decor, both for its interior and exterior design. If you plan to use them for external installations, make sure that there is proper maintenance in place to keep them looking fresh for a long time.


Composite Shutters 

Composite shutters are an alternative to wooden shutters and are also called engineered wood or faux wood. They are virtually maintenance-free and are manufactured from artistic PVC and stable fiberglass. 


Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters are a cost-effective choice as they are offered at a reasonable price. These window shutters are readily available, lightweight, and can be easily installed. Another benefit they have compared to wood is that they will not crack, peel, fade or deteriorate.


Storm/Aluminum Shutters

Storm shutters are made of aluminum and are designed to protect windows from blowing debris or high winds. Because of their durability, they are especially useful if you live in an area with harsh weather. They come in different types including, colonial-style which is hinged on the side of the window, accordion-style which has folding and interlocking slats, and rolling style that works similarly to that of a garage door where the shutters roll down from the top of the window opening.

If you want to improve the function and appeal of your window shutters, you can add stylish shutter hardware or accessories. You can also choose from many styles and finishes to suit your interior and exterior design. Regardless of your choices, shutters are a timeless and elegant option for your home.


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