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The Essential Guide to Selecting Window Treatments

California Shutters is your number one resource when it comes to supplying window shutters in Toronto – but we also offer a wide variety of window treatments to choose from.


We understand that there are hundreds of window treatment available out there – which is why we’ve collected and organized the following tips to offer some insight while guiding you on your selection.


Today we’ll distinguish between various types of window treatments to help you figure out what makes the most sense for your windows.




Curtains, also known as drapes, are chosen for their more traditional and formal feel depending on your selection. From sheer to more ornate, solid fabrics – there are hundreds if not thousands of options to choose from. What is comes down to is personal preference. When trying to figure out what sort of curtain window treatment is right for your home, narrow it down to a few options before making the final decision.




When we think of blinds, we tend to think of white or off-white slatted window coverings. Blinds are defined by their slats, and are likened for their ability to provide a sleek, functional option to controlling sunlight and adjusting privacy within your home. The mechanism that allows you to change coverage amount is usually a simple chord that requires a tug to control daylight and privacy.




Shades are made of fabric and like blinds, offer the same sort of minimalist, yet sleek – functional appeal. The process of choosing a shaded window treatment is similar to the process of choosing window shutters in Toronto. When selecting an optimal shade option, first start by measuring the dimensions of your window to see what options are available in-store. For unconventional window dimensions, you may end up having to get them custom-made and fit to your windows.


And More!


Still unsure where to begin? Consult the professional team at The Original California Shutters! Whether it’s selecting the perfect window treatment option of crafting custom window shutters in Toronto, we work hard to ensure you are happy with the final result.

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