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The telltale signs for needing an outdoor shutter replacement

Outdoor shutters in GTA residential and commercial properties are invaluable. They can protect you from storms, regulate the amount of interior sunlight your home or office receives, and improve property insulation and curb appeal.


Nonetheless, outdoor shutters have a limited lifespan and won't last forever.


Join us as we outline the ways that can help you determine whether your shutter is in need of replacement.


5-10 years of usage

Outdoor shutters in GTA for your property can vary greatly in manufacturing standards. Well-made ones from The Original California Shutters will give you excellent shutters that can go on to last for decades. However, if you've been using your shutters for more than 5-10 years it's recommended that you replace them as deterioration over time can make them lose their luster.


Noticeable rust and corrosion

Most custom window treatments and outdoor shutters in GTA use galvanized steel to preserve their lifespan. Additionally, acrylic elastomeric paint allow them to adapt to your property's primary colours and act as an extra layer against rusting and corrosion. The presence of the two indicates your shutters have been servicing your home for too long and may need replacement.


Faulty locking mechanism

Subsequent to heavy rain or windstorm it is entirely possible that your shutter system's louvers, locking mechanisms, and frames will get damaged and require replacement. Before repainting your shutters, contact us at The Original California Shutters to provide you with replacement parts and fittings.


Miscellaneous malfunctions

If you find any malfunction with your shutters during operation, contact a reliable shutter replacement team or manufacturer to help you determine the root cause of the problem. In doing so, you can decide if your shutter systems need replacement.


Procure the best outdoor shutters available in Toronto

The Original California Shutters has been providing Toronto homeowners and offices the most elegant shutters in the city. If you're looking for dependable replacements for your shutters, we're confident we can fulfill your needs. Contact us today to learn more about everything that we can do for you.

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