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Undecided About Window Shutters? Here’s what could sway you…

On a whole, as demonstrated by our testimonial page, it is clear to see most people have an affinity towards the money they put aside for the manufacturing and installation of their custom shutters in Toronto.


It is, however, understandable that others may sit on the fence when it comes to the upfront costs associated with shutters. If so, it may come as a surprise that there are several compelling factors that may have slipped under your radar…


What is it exactly then that affords shutters such near-universal adornment? Many of our clients swear by their simplistic elegance; others are drawn to their versatile nature, allowing for an assortment of finishes and sizes that can seamlessly integrate into their interior or exterior decoration.


Aesthetics aside, we’ve compiled some of the beneficial by-products that custom shutters in Toronto can provide – giving the potential nudge you need to make a decision:


Ventilation Aplenty

While your ventilation needs can technically be met with blinds, we all know the rattle and unappealing noise they produce when wind is involved. Wood shutters? Not so much. Open them as wide as you want and they’ll be sure to stay still, keeping the peace around your abode. What’s more, light exposure, and privacy concerns aren’t sacrificed in the process.


Block out the Glare from Your Bills

Upon learning this point in particular, many a resident then go on to cement their decision to source custom shutters in Toronto. After all, a practical (and stylish!) method of reducing energy bills is always welcome.


How exactly do shutters affect your energy bill? For starters, they act as great insulators to keep the heat inside your home - especially important during the harsh Canadian winters. On top of this, summertime can be taxing AC-wise, which is why you’ll be surprised at just how much sunlight, and ultimately heat, can be deflected via inclined shutters.   


No Harm or Foul for the Kids

The cords associated with blinds can be a severe hazard around the household, more-so for adolescents as they can be prone to haphazard tangling and tripping from said cords.


These worries are cast aside with window shutters – look mum, no strings! The opening and closing of these shutters work by the simple act of pushing or pulling a crossbar, keeping the ones you love out of harms reach.


As Luck Would Have It…

You may have guessed by now that we manufacture and install custom shutters in Toronto – shocker! We do take our craft seriously; since our origins in 1981, The Original California Shutters has remained a family-owned business that never compromises on the quality of work we provide. This quality comes at an economical price too – as both the manufacturer and seller of our shutters, you end up reaping the rewards!

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