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Vintage Shutters Could Beautify Your Toronto Home

Vintage Shutters Could Beautify Your Toronto Home

Window shutters are one of the many ways in which you can accentuate the looks of your home in Toronto. With both modern and vintage looks possible, your shutters could be the icing on your exterior design cake. The use of shutters that have a vintage appearance is one of the many ways in which you can keep your exteriors in line with your interior design.


With the many options for customizing your window shutters in Toronto, you can be sure that you’ll wind up with a unique vintage look that truly speaks volumes about the personality of your home and its occupants.


Perfectly sculptured shutters are always a plus when it comes to giving your walls and house a gorgeous look. The old school antique look is best brought out through a combination of several factors, among them the choice of good material. For the best outcomes, here are tips to help you give your home a vintage stunning look with shutters.


Opt for Hardwood Shutters

Hardwoods such as oak and mahogany are known to offer excellent results for repurposed vintage shutters. They not only offer signs of ageing but also combine aesthetics with a more “natural” wooden look. For the best results, expert hand finishing of the shutters is advised as it makes the wood grain more visible.


Age the shutters

Manually ageing your wooden shutters is the surest way of bringing the antique effect to life. Some high-quality shutters in Toronto are also made from naturally aged wood, which is far more expensive because of the sheer amount of time required to age it. Aged wooden shutters must be polished with wood preservative varnish and weather resistant coatings to ensure lasting protection.


Simulate Dents, Scrapes and Wormholes

Authentic wooden antiques have multiple dents, irregular scrapes and wormholes on them. These present a natural feel and authentic look of ageing. To achieve these results, advanced manual stimulation through simple tools such as chisels, nails and drills may be necessary when looking to add the vintage effect on your shutters.


When looking for vintage shutters in Toronto, be sure to contact us for the best possible outcomes.

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