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When to Replace Your Window Shutters

It can be challenging to know when to replace your California shutters. For most homeowners, intact shutters that can still open and close are enough. However, shutters are not just there for decoration – they play a massive role in regulating light and temperature, and shutters that are no longer working optimally will not be able to perform this task efficiently.


If you're unsure about when to replace your shutters, here are four things to look out for:


Tattered and Aged

All materials change in structure and look over time. Furthermore, their capabilities weaken due to natural wear and tear as well. Despite excellent manufacturing and flawless, minimal-wear design, your shutter set will have a faded and tattered look over time. While you can always repaint your shutters, they are easy enough to get replaced thanks to professional such as The Original California Shutters.


Curb Appeal

Perhaps it has come time for you to sell your property. However, many of the architectural fixtures in your home, including your shutters, may be from a previous era. If you want to up the curb appeal of your home and make it more attractive to buyers, consider replacing your shutters with brand new California shutters. It’s amazing what a little bit of change can do to spruce up the overall look of your home, giving the impression that it is newer.


Mechanical Issues

Tattering and aging affects only the aesthetics of your shutters, which gives them a worn look. However, if your shutter controls are not responding the way they used to when you had them newly installed, then it's truly time to replace them. Operational window shutter problems will get worse over time if you leave them unattended. Indeed, there is little point in having window shutters if they cannot help you regulate light and temperature in your home.


You Changed Your Windows

If you have recently had your windows replaced, you may want to consider doing the same for your shutters. In the past, your shutters may have complemented the appearance and style of your windows. However, now that your windows have changed, your window shutters should follow suit. You can always sell off old shutters too for a little bit of pocket change.


With over 40 years of experience providing top-notch shutters for homes and properties across Toronto, The Original California Shutters produces the best custom-style window shutters. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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