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Where to Install Window Shutters in Your House

Window shutters are one of the most attractive and functional window treatments available. From their early beginnings, believed to have been somewhere in the Mediterranean, the manufacture and design of shutters have been constantly evolving. Today, the Original California Shutters specializes in making custom shutters in Toronto, bringing this longstanding tradition to family homes all over the GTA.

It is unsurprising that window shutters continue to be popular, with many homeowners demanding even more customization options. Manufacturers have gotten more and more creative about where to install these shutters as well. Here are some of the areas in your home where you can get custom shutters in Toronto installed:

1. Bedroom

Are you the kind of person who likes waking up to bright sunlight flooding the room? The adjustable slats in a window shutter are perfect for this, allowing you to control how much light gets in your bedroom, arguably one of the most private spots in the house. Indeed, window shutters are excellent at preserving privacy while still letting in sunlight. They can even be angled in such a way that only you can see outside, while no one will be able to look in.

2. Living Room

This is perhaps the most popular area of the home where window shutters are installed. This is because letting more light into a space has the effect of opening up the space more, giving the impression that the space is actually larger than it is. Furthermore, the living room is where most of the family congregates most of the time, so ensuring there is good air and light flow in this area is crucial.

3. Man Cave!

This may seem like a rather unexpected spot, but recently, the team at The Original California Shutters was called for a project in a man cave! This just goes to show that window shutters are incredibly versatile, and their functionality allows them to be useful in just about any situation. As experts in manufacturing custom shutters in Toronto, we are able to customize window treatments for any application you desire. Check out more photos of this and other projects on our social media!

If you ever need custom shutters in Toronto for your home, get in touch with The Original California Shutters!

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