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Why Black Blinds and Shutters Are The New Trend Across Toronto

With so many options for blinds and shutters in the GTA, black may not necessarily be the first choice you'd go for given a vast array of choices.


This stands in stark contrast to contemporary designs; most interior designers are prioritizing the use of black today not only because it's trending, but because it’s a foolproof way to make rooms pop out in colour, character, and aesthetic.


To extrapolate on this, let’s bring to light three other reasons you should very much consider black blinds or shutters for your interiors:


1) Promotes Other Colours To Stand Out

Black is a "base" or foundational colour. It's provides the ultimate contrast against lighter colours most homeowners may choose for room wallpapers or interior elements. Just envision large black blinds and shutters in GTA homes adorning cream or light-coloured walls as they cover larger sized windows. It definitely helps brings out character and exudes a unique type of elegance you would otherwise rarely find amongst most interior designs.


2) Powerful, Yet Underplayed Accents

Because they're efficient contrasts, black blinds and shutters in GTA can serve as accents for homes too. For example, a black exterior shutter embellishing a beautiful dormer window makes the light-brownish colour of an asphalt shingle roof or the light-coloured exterior wall siding more prominent. It can be easy for the untrained eye to think that black shutters look like elements devoid of colour, but this couldn’t be further from the truth; instead, they impart a powerful accent and a sleek characteristic that adds to the property aesthetic.


3) Associated With Style and Glamour

If used correctly, i.e. by pairing interior designers with blinds and shutters manufacturers such as us at The Original California Shutters, you can make your interiors look stylish, glamorous, and have exceptional appeal that is ideal for soon-to-come remodelling projects.


Keep Your Shutters Open For Premium Manufacturers

If you're looking for excellent black blinds and shutters, you can have them custom-made to your needs with us at The Original California Shutters. We specialise in top-tier custom window and door treatments, and that includes lovely and long-durability shutters and blinds too! Contact us to know more about what we can do for you!

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