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Window Shutter Styles To Make Your Home Stand Out

Many houses in Toronto are distinguishable by their beautiful window shutters. But what really makes a shutter a shutter? It’s how they are constructed and typically composed of the louvers, rails, stile, and tilt bar. Each of these parts play their own role in how the shutter operates. The panel is inserted into the window frame and is attached using hinges. What makes wood shutters in Toronto look visually appealing is that the frame and panel are made from the same materials. In the case that hinged shutters are not ideal, the alternative you can opt for  is a sliding type which looks similar to a sliding door. 


Wood shutters in Toronto are available in an array of styles.

See below for the most popular ones:


Plantation shutters - these shutters were used in big mansions located on the southern plantations, hence the name. Today, plantation shutters can be installed to any home in any style. 


Cottage shutters - these are also known as the traditional or colonial shutters, hailing from the northeastern regions during the colonial period. They are also popular as wood shutters in Toronto with louvers coming in various shapes. 


Cafe shutters - cafe shutters originate from the French cafes which are the perfect solution for providing desirable light and privacy. They are half-covered shutters with only the lower half of the windows being covered by the shutters. 


Outdoor shutters - these window shutters are ideal to protect houses from storms as well as serving as a decorative feature of a home. This kind of shutter is perfect to install in areas where hurricanes are common. 


Customized shutters - with customisation as the hottest trend in the design world, windows are no exception. They come in different unique shapes, making it quite difficult to cover them with standard wood shutters in Toronto. However, with modern technology, manufacturers can now customize their shutter production to fit just about any window shape. 


If you’re looking to renovate and update your home with new window shutters, California Shutters has decades of experience building and installing this feature. Contact us today to find out more about the different styles, and how we can add a custom touch to your home!


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